Web Development Services

We offer a no-hassle solution to our clients for
Web Hosting , Web Page Creation , and Domain Registration

Every website project is a unique challenge.

Specializing in websites for small businesses, we work to get the most out of your budget.

Since every website is built to specifications, we cannot post a definite price quote online.
We can, however, show you a typical range.

DNS and Hosting Pricing:

Domain Name Registry and Management ~$50/Year
Hosting Server Management ~$40/Year
Setup of Website to DNS and Hosting server ~$60
Website Security and Clean Up ~$150 - $400

Web Page Creation Pricing:

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript
(The latest and greatest in coding languges)
Included on all websites
Dynamic Modern Styling
(Make your website work on mobile as well)
~$200 - $700
Email Accounts
~$5 per account, up to 100 accounts
Newsletter System Setup
(Send your loyal customers coupons and notifications)
~$100 - $300
Calendar/Gallery/Slideshow/etc ~$50 - $200

Asking the question "How much does a website cost?" is much like asking "How much does a car cost?"
It really depends on what you need.
What make? Year? Model? Which features do you want inside the car?

This is why prices will vary based on our client's specific needs.

Call us for a free consult to briefly discuss what options are available for your particular needs. There are no obligations to the call,

even if you do not end up partnering with us,

We can still provide you with valuable information.

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